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'Styx' perfume by Coty

Styx by Coty

Styx, an early perfume composition of François Coty (1911), is a somewhat different fragrance that clearly is not for every woman. While not one of his best sellers, Styx is an example of the range of ideas that Coty executed in perfume and an example of his boldness in perfume marketing.

In Greek mythology, the River Styx formed the boundary between earth and the underworld; it flowed to the center of Hades. Coty's Styx suggests naughtiness in its fragrance and the association with the River Styx is obvious the first time you sample this perfume. The fragrance is not nasty or ugly but, perhaps, a warning of the direction in which the river is heading.

The bottle seen here was inspired by the work of Rene Lalique and was used by Coty in various sizes for a number of Coty fragrances.

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bottle stopper, 'Styx' perfume by Coty

Styx by Coty
View from the top showing the intricate stopper, inspired by the work of Rene Lalique.

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  • Brenda Van Orden, 03/15/2019. I used Styx in the 70's and used it on special occasions. When I
    realized I couldn't find it anywhere after awhile I used it sparingly. I
    never forgot this fragrance. Why was it cancelled.

    — —

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