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Perfumery Raw Materials
Synthetic & Natural

Essential oils are a global business. In 1798, Robert Bach opened an import business in New York City that, through successive partnerships, grew into Dodge & Olcott. By the end of the 19th Century, Dodge & Olcott was both importing and manufacturing essential oils.

Fritzsche Brothers, a subsidiary of the German chemical company, Schimmel & Co., was founded in New York in 1871. It was Fritzsche's Frederick Henry Leonhardt who, in the late 1920's, commissioned Ernest Guenther to undertake, on behalf of Fritzsche, a study of essential oils. Guenther spent the next 20 years at the task and, in 1947, published his 6-volume classic, The Essential Oils.

The issue, then as now, for essential oils is purity of the product and consistency from batch to batch in its processing. As the business involves thousands of both large and small traders throughout the world, it is important to make your purchases from an experienced, dependable source.

U.S. Sources

  • The Good Scents Company
    Essential oils can be purchased in small quantities.
  • The Perfumer's Apprentice
    They offer aroma chemicals and other supplies in small quantities. Our order arrived promptly. Other than that, I can tell you nothing about the company.
  • Sigma-Aldrich
    Worldwide source of fine chemicals for perfumery.
  • Vigon International
    Their roots are in Givaudan and Fritzsche, Dodge & Olcott (Fritzsche Brothers was the company that funded Ernest Guenther's 20 year study of essential oils, resulting in Guenther's 6-volume classic, The Essential Oils. Vigon sells many essential oils in quantities as small as one liter; others require the purchase of a drum.
  • Lebermuth
    Botanicals, fragrances, essential oils, herbs and spices. $150 minimum order. They sell in quantities as small as 1 pound.
  • Ungerer & Company
    Aroma chemicals, essential oils for fine fragrances.
  • Berjé Inc.
    Berjé is a global distributor of Essential Oils and Aromatic Chemicals with over sixty years of experience supplying to the Flavor / Fragrance / Pharmaceutical and Allied trades. We maintain 3,000 items in inventory providing distribution from facilities in New Jersey, Los Angeles and Chicago.
  • Liberty Natural Products
    Specialized in supplying natural aroma materials. They offer both smaller and bulk quantities.
  • White Lotus Aromatics
    "...essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, attars, and hydrodistilled essences..." Very interesting website!
  • Fisher Scientific
    Fisher supplies both its own branded chemicals and acts as a broker for other chemistry houses. You can order with a credit card.
  • Aromatic International (U.S.)
    "We are custom creators, manufacturers, and distributors of fragrances and fragrance ingredients"
  • Medicine Flower
    Medicine Flower essential oils are 100% pure botanical oils produced by distillation, CO2, solvent or expression of different parts of the plant. Now all of our essential oils are organically grown, wild-crafted or pesticide-free.
  • The Jojoba Company
    Jojoba, nothing but jojoba!

International Sources

  • Perfumers World
    Located in Thailand, they offer essential oils in quantities as small as 10 grams as well as larger quantities. Worldwide shipping.
  • De Hekserij
    Dutch company that sells raw materials in small amounts. Catalog at their website. International shipping.
  • Sigma-Aldrich
    Worldwide source of fine chemicals for perfumery.
  • Ungerer & Company
    Aroma chemicals, essential oils for fine fragrances.
  • Payan Bertrand
    Since 1854 the company focused on the treatment of local (Grasse) aromatic raw materials such as jasmine, rose, violet leaf or mimosa, then widen its expertise on imported raw materials such as patchouli, tonka beans, ambrette, styrax, benzoin, etc. The company has constantly improved its production tools : from distillation, the company focused then on new techniques such as enfleurage then on volatile solvent extractions in the twenties. The company then developed fractioned distillation techniques in the fifties and more recently the molecular distillation.
  • A. & E. Connock (U.K.)
    A & E Connock is an international supplier of raw materials for the personal care industry. Range of products includes perfumes, essential oils, vegetable oils, jojoba products, waxes, exfoliants, fatty alcohols and acids, amines, silicones, emulsifiers, esters, herbal extracts, fruit extracts, dried herbs & flowers, colours, glitters and many other special cosmetic additives.
  • A. Fakhry & Co. (Egypt)
    Crafters of Essential Oils from Egypt, since 1955. Over 130 products (100% pure & natural) in conventional and organic ranges. Conventional Essential Oils, Concretes/Resinoids, Absolutes, Concrete Waxes, Organic Essential Oils, Extracts, Hydrolates/Floral Waters, Dried herbs & spices specialties (Jasmine, Bitter Orange blossoms & rinds,...) 1081, Corniche El Nil, Cairo 11451, Egypt. Tel. +20 2 795-0685 Fax. +20 2 794 4198. E-mail:
  • Adrian Industries (France, U.S. & Elsewhere)
    "For more than 60 years, four generations of ADRIANs have been supplying the flavor and fragrance industry with Essential oils, Oleoresins and Aroma Chemicals. We have established strategic alliances with growers and processors on every continent and invested at source in order to build up a reliable supply chain."
  • Agan Aroma & Fine Chemicals (Israel)
    "Through its modern facilities, international network and proven expertise, the company offers convenient and affordable access to the highest quality synthetic fragrance ingredients."
  • Albert Vieille (France)
    "Marius Laborma, the founder in 1920 of our company started by commercializing bigarade orange peels. He then developed his activities by importing aromatic plants and essential oils as well as distilling and extracting local plants & flowers, such as rose, orange or orrisroot. Activities in Grasse were at its peak; the town rightly honored itself with this title: World perfume capital. Albert Vieille, in 1968, takes charge of the company's activities. He must be credited with the development of the entire importation network. With Georges Ferrando, chairman since 1992, three development lines have been stressed upon: opening new markets, production (through the acquisition of Aromazur, an aromatic raw materials production facilities set nearby Seville, Spain) as well as Research & Development."
  • Anupam Industries (India)
    "ANUPAM INDUSTRIES, one of the pioneer names in the field of incense (agarbatties),camphor tablets & dhoop sticks, has been established in the year 1960 by 'Shri KANTIBHAI H GUDKA' in Mumbai, (commercial capital of India). ANUPAM has been actively involved in the manufacturing of above products. Later on, ANUPAM diversified into trading of aroma chemicals, natural essential oils, resinoids and other related products, manufactured by Indian and International manufacturers."
  • Kobashi
    Offers pure essential oils.
  • International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. (IFF)
    One of the world's largest suppliers of aroma materials. They sell only to the trade (i.e., "established" companies)
    /In 1950 Jos? Maria LLuch de Grau and Alberto Lluch Boada founded JM. & A. LLUCH. The company started being the agent in Spain for many international companies who produced essential oils and aroma chemicals for the flavours and fragrance industry.
  • Aromatics ADL (France)
    "It is also possible to display and print quotes of a selected product. The immediate recalculation of product quotes may be requested by choosing different parameters of currency, destination, terms of payment, etc. Price fluctuations can also be consulted in the form of graphs."
  • Fisher Scientific (UK)
    Full catalog.
  • Chem Finder (UK)
    Ethyl alcohol and many other perfumery raw materials.
  • P.P. Sheth & Co.
    Fragrances, essential oils and aroma chemicals from India, China and Europe. Distributor for DROM Fragrances International.
  • Essential Oil University
    Their website is a bit difficult to use, but interesting.
  • The Essential Oil Company
    Fragrance oils in smaller sizes and in bulk.

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