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While most members stay with us for years to receive our monthly Club Newsletter, there are good reasons to join the Perfume Makers & Marketers Club even for a single 3-month membership period.

With a single 3-month Club Membership, which will set you back just $21.95, you can soak up all of the resources mentioned on this page plus many others which are too specialized for this general description.

If you are struggling to put together a new perfume or cologne and are missing some of the resources you need to do it, our resources be able to give you just what you need. And, if there's a resource you need that you don't find, we will go out of our way to see if we can help you find it.

Here then is some of what you will find in the Club's "members only" pages.

Vendors of Supplies & Services

Everything ou need to create your perfume or have it created for you.

You will find it all in the Club's Vendors pages — bottles, boxes, exotic packaging, perfumer's alcohol, caps, spray pumps, dyes & coloring, lab supplies, pre-mixed fragrance oils, natural and synthetic aroma materials, label printers, sampling services, test blotters and more.

If you need assistance from start to finish, we can direct you to companies that can do it all for you, from developing your scent to assembling your finished fragrance, ready to sell and ready to ship internationally.

For those who are more ambitious and wish to set up a full manufacturing site, we can direct you to sources of machinery.

Experts to help you

The business of putting a new perfume together can seem overwhelming if you've never done it before and you don't have an experienced hand to guide you. The Perfume Makers & Marketers Club provides expert guidance in all of these essential technologies.

The development cycle, an outline of how a new fragrance is developed, from start to finish.

Naming your perfume, the importance of developing a name that iwlol support your marketing campaign — without getting your involved in trademark disputes and lawsuits.

Packaging, what you can do to enhance your fragrance and sales, the many options that are available, and the need for cost effective solutions.

Fragrance, the scent itself; how to get it made if you are not a perfumer making it yourself.

Bottles, they come ready made in many sizes and shapes and you can have your own custom design if you are willing to spend the money. But selecting a bottle involves more than a pretty design. Economics enter in. The bottle you select impacts your options for labeling, filling, and closing the bottle once it is filled. And it is important to remember that a larger bottle requires more fragrance to fill, which increases your cost.

Closures are what close and seal your bottle once it has been filled with your fragrance. Selecting a closure — a cap or a spray pump — involves matching the neck size of your bottle to the closure, AND your selections will be more limited if you plan to attach your closures by hand, without machinery. The information here is very important to understand before you commit yourself to a particular bottle design.

Labeling involves both marketing needs and regulatory requirements. Labeling can be accomplishred by means of a growing number of decorative technologies but each has its own requirements and associated costs.

Universal Product Codes are required by most large and medium sized retailers. They will not accept your fragrance without them. The code requirements in Europe differ from those in the US. The method you use to obtain UPCs will depend on how great an investment you are to make as there is both a cheaper and a more expensive (but more corporate) route. It is helpful to obtain your codes before you manufacture your boxes but codes can be attached later by individual stickers.

Filling & Assembly is the process of turning your components into a finished, ready to sell, fragrance. For short runs — 1,000 bottles or fewer — you can do this work yourself, if you have selected components that can be assembled by hand. If you are filling 500 bottles or more, professional help is available. If you are filling thousands of bottles, professional help is essential.

Free Downloads

These are books, pamphlets, reports, and guides available to club members as free downloads, mostly in Adobe pdf format. Among these free downloads you will find the following.

How to Market Your Own Perfume, a 57-page guide to easy to target markets you might not have ocnsidered. (Sells for $24.99 on this website.)

Perfume Developers Checklist, an 11-page checklist of decisions to be made and steps to be taken in the development of a new perfume. It could help prevent you from overlooking an important step that would, later, prove costly. (Sells for $20.00 on this website.)

Strategic Thinking And Fearless Execution :: The Story of Justin Bieber's 'Someday', an analysis of the superbly executed strategy to market Justin Bieber's first perfume.

Celebrity Licensing Contract, blank, for study only, but a chance to see terms negotiated by a household name, A-List celebrity. Names have been redacted as this contract was not intended for public dissemination.

Three guides with formulas, old and new including G.W. Septimus Piesse, The Art of Perfumery (1857), with formulas for natural fragrances, soaps, and cosmetics, Eugene Rimmel, The Book of Perfumes (1867) with formulas, history, and technology, Melina Ehrsam, formula for Honey Lips Kiss Macaron Au Casis (2012), a cutting edge fragrance using exotic natural and synthetic materials.

Club Newsletter Archive

All issues of the Club Newsletter are available to club members, from the first issue (November, 2004) to the most current issue which has just been emailed to club members.

To find articles and information of particular interest in a particular issue of the Club Newsletter, simply use the site search found on ever page of the club's website.

Plunge into the heart of the industry

If your interest in perfumd is ongoing and you wish to becomre more closely connected with the industry, the following resources can thrust you into the heart of it, and you can access them all through the Perfume Makers & Marketers Club.

Trade associations, some of which might accept you as a member; others that offer valuable technical assistance on their websites.

Trade publications, some of which offer free subscriptions to qualified readers; many of which are worth receiving both for their articles AND for the services offered by their advertisers.

Fragrance marketing companies, the largest global players in the industry and some of the lines they currently distribute. These companies are the gateway to mass distribution.

Companies that make scents for fragrance marketing companies, the global giants that come up with the scents you find in every mass distribution venue. (Companies that make scents for smaller marketers can be found in the Vendors pages of the Perfume Makers & Marketers Club's "members only" pages.)

Government regulators and regulations, the agencies in the US, Canada, the UK, and the EU that regulate the manufacture and sale of perfume, with links to current regulations.

Perfume trends, blogs and websites to follow to keep ahead of current fashion, marketing, and style trends.

The heart of the Perfume Makers & Marketers Club is the monthly Club Newsletter, which largely concerns itself with marketing strategy. But the other club resources, as you see highlighted above, can be a great help to you when you are developing and packaging your new fragrance.

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