How to make your own perfume
for a marketing test for under $500

Before making a substantial investment in a new perfume, it is prudent to test your marketing strategy on the smallest budget possible, just as any major fragrance marketer will do.

To make these tests you need to produce a small quantity of samples but most vendors will impose minimum quantities and minimum dollar orders on small clients and this makes low cost testing impractical.

The ONLY solution is "hands on," "home workshop" manufacturing — producing these sample bottles of perfume yourself — bottling, capping, labeling, boxing — and it can all be done on a minimum budget, if you know the steps and can follow instructions and are willing to make the small compromises that will be required.

Why test at all? Testing is a basic step in new product development and your new perfume IS a "new product," even if you don't think of it that way. Testing shows up the weak points in your marketing plan and allows for corrections while your scale is small helping you avoid costly or even fatal marketing errors. Testing gives you the opportunity to fine tune your strategies and maximize your profit.

"How To Make Your First Perfume For Under $500" walks you through the steps that will produce these all-important sample bottles of your new perfume.

And, if you aspire to developing a business marketing your own perfume but are working on a shoestring budget without investors, "How To Make Your First Perfume For Under $500" can be the tool you need to launch your own company WITHOUT business partners.

"How To Make Your First Perfume For Under $500"
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