How you can develop a celebrity fragrance deal

The opportunity could arise when you least expect it. Are you ready? Are you prepared to put together a celebrity fragrance deal?

The heart of the deal is the contract. The celebrity, regardless of how much was paid, is obligated ONLY to provide the services and support spelled out in the contract. Don't expect, because their name is on the bottle, you will get one bit more support from them than called for by the contract.

Considered what is involved in dealing with a celebrity. How will royalties be calculated? How often will they be paid? Will there be payment guarantees, advertising guarantees, audit rights, rights of approval over advertising, publicity, and even the fragrance itself? Will you have the right to renew the license at the end of its term? How many, if any, appearances will the celebrity make in support of your project? What rights will the celebrity give you to use their image in your advertising? Who will own the rights to the advertising images? What will it cost you in travel and hotel expense to have the celebrity show up for appearances and photo shoots? And, since celebrities rarely travel alone, will you also be paying travel and hotel expenses for a bevy of their personal assistants? Will you be able to sell perfume left over when your license expires, and for how long?

"Setting Up Your Own Celebrity Fragrance Deal: Introduction to the Basics" is not a legal guide. It is a guide to help you understand the points that will be important to you, should you be offered an opportunity to develop a perfume in the name of a celebrity. This little bit of knowledge can be a big help, not only in dealing with celebrities but in dealing with anyone who offers you a deal involving perfume.

Setting Up Your Own Celebrity Fragrance Deal: Introduction to the Basics
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