"Packaging your perfume when you're selling to stores and you have no money for packaging"

So you've produced and bottled a great perfume of your own and everybody tells you, "you should sell it." But, when you look at your bottle—and then you look at all those bottles in shops, large and small—your bottle looks naked, undressed, in need of some packaging. But how can you dress it up? Where will the money come from? Yet this could be your big chance to start your own profitable perfume business!

Make your bottle look right when you go to sell it

When you've got money and you're producing, say, 5,000 to 10,000 bottles of fragrance, you're surely going to budget money for a box—a custom-fitted box. But when you're only producing 25, 50, or maybe 100 bottles of your new creation, and doing all the work yourself—by hand—it is very unlikely that you would invest in a custom-fitted box for your perfume. The cost would crush you.

Yet your fragrance could be the start of an ongoing business and, to sell it—to make it commercial—you want to dress it up in some way, to make your presentation to customers more professional, and this is a great challenge.

The ebook this page advertises can give you some guidance. It shows some of the solutions I have seen—solutions that cost very little money, so little that they won't discourage you from trying them.

But most important, seeing what others in your position have done to dress up their fragrances can help you find the right solution for your own fragrance. The key to it all is knowing what inexpensive dress-ups are available and how you might use them. This book was written to help you give your new handmade perfume a more professional look when you offer it for sale.

"Packaging your perfume when you're selling to stores and you have no money for packaging"
7-page instant download in pdf format, $1.99

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