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Narcisse Noir

Narcisse Noir is considered to be the breakthrough fragrance for the House of Caron. Launched in 1911, the perfumer was, of course, Ernest Daltroff. The artistic design — bottle and packaging — was by Caron's amazing creative director and Daltroff colaborator, Félicie Wanpouille (sometimes referred to as Félicie Vanpouille or Félicie Bergaud).

The success of Narcisse Noir came after a pervious collaboration, Chantecler, launched in 1906, had become to draw attention to Parfums Caron.

In what was one of the most fortuitous product placements of the age, a bottle of Narcisse Noir made its way to Hollywood and was seen in the hands of Gloria Swanson in her famous film, "Sunset Boulevard".

Notice (below) how the top of the stopper is a beautiful, black narcissis.

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Narcisse Noir by Caron

Narcisse Noir

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Detail of Narcisse Noir label

Detail Of Narcisse Noir Label
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Detail of Narcisse Noir stopper seen from top

Detail of Narcisse Noir Stopper Seen From Top

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  • Adao Sedenil, 04/26/2007.
    The bottle for "Le Narcisse Noir" is attributed to the great
    designer Julien Viard.
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