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Chantilly, EDC, by Houbigant

Chantilly, created by perfumer Marcel Billot, was introduced by Houbigant in 1941 as an up-market fragrance. Over the years, as Houbignat fought to remain solvent, Chantilly made its way down market and today, marketed by the "new" Dana company, is most likely to be found in drug stores.

Chantilly was licensed to the Dana Perfume Corporation some time between 1994 and 1996. In a 2003 lawsuit, Houbigant (Houbigant, Inc. and Establissement Houbigant) accused Dana (the "old" Dana) of selling a watered-down version of Chantilly and of allowing the formula to be given to unlicensed producers. Dana, at this point, was bankrupt and Houbigant brought the suit against Dana's insurers, Federal Insurance and Fireman's Fund. Eventually settlements were reached.

The perfumer-creator of Chantilly, Marcel Billot, founded the French Society of Perfumers in 1943 and became its first president.

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photo of older bottle of Quelques Fleurs

Older bottle of Houbigant's Chantilly EDC.

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  • Lynda Weinrib , 06/18/2019. The original Chantilly Hobigant was an oil based fragrance that stayed on the skin, rather than alcohol based, which did not last. I wish I could still buy the original!

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