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Paris Eau de Toilette
With String Dip & Bulb Atomizer
(Paris was originally launched in 1922)

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Coty Paris Perfume With String Dip And Bulb Atomizer

From its earliest days, Coty was a technology company. François Coty was constantly seeking ways to improve his products, his marketing and his production techniques.

Coty was one of the first companies to actively develop atomizers for his perfumes. Other major fragrance houses depended on outside manufacturers to supply their needs but Coty strove for vertical integration. As a result, we can practically trace the development of the perfume atomizer from 1910 to the 1950's by watching its development and use on Coty products.

This bottle of Paris uses a string wick rather than a dip tube to bring fragrance up to be sprayed. While this proved to be a short lived technology, it is evidence of the cutting edge technological innovations by the Coty company, as set in motion by its founded, François Coty.

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