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Nuit de Noël

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Nuit de Noël

Nuit de Noël is one of Caron's most legendary perfumes. The way perfumer Guy Robert puts it (in Le Sens du Parfum, with our translation and paraphrase), "You're at the theater. You catch the scent of Opium on your right, Mitsouko to your left, and the woman in front of you is wearing Ewtée. Now a woman arrives wearing Nuit de Noël. Immediately the other frangrances are forgotten!"

Daltroff, Caron's perfumer-owner, was from a Jewish background but Félicie Wanpouille, his artistic director and colaborator, loved Christmas. This was Daltroff's great gift to her in 1922.

Bottled in black glass with a gold band, boxed in one of the all time greatest perfume boxes — a snug faux shagreen (sharkskin) paper over cardboard, rounded to fit the bottle and (in some examples) wearing a tassle — Nuit de Noël is a sophisticated, dark, smoky, oriental fragrance: rose, tuberose and ylang-ylang top notes over sandalwood and mousse de saxe over musk.

Some consider Nuit de Noël to be one of the ten most innovative fragrances of the 20th Century.

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  • MARSHAL j CLARY, 04/07/2024. I came across a bottle that I believe was my mothers. Surprisingly it still has perfume in it

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