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Old Colgate Perfume Bottle
(c. 1866-1870)

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Old Colgate Perfume Bottle

Old Colgate Perfume Bottle
At about the time when Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain was selling his first very limited edition perfumes in France, William Colgate was already addressing the mass market in America — with soap and candles. But both men had studied soapmaking in London before launching their respective careers.

Guerlain, of course, went on to found a multi-generational dynasty that launched of some of the world's most wonderful perfumes. Colgate, today, is better known for toothpaste.

What is not so well known, in France or America, is that in the Colgate company's evolution from soap to dental care products, they went through a period during which they were the largest, or one of the largest, American perfume houses — 625 different fragrances were offered by 1910.

How old is this bottle? Where does it fit into the history of Colgate? Here are a few clues: The name Colgate & Company was first adopted in 1857, after the death of William Colgate. Colgate & Company began getting into perfume and calling themselves perfumers in 1866. By 1872, Colgate was trademarking its fragrances and using bottles which bore a Colgate trademark symbol. This bottle lacks that symbol. Just guessing, but this bottle could date from the late 1860's.

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  • Danise, 01/10/2024. Hello Likewise own an almost identical Colgate &Co Perfumers bottle although it is clear in color not purple. Any idea on age or worth?

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