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Old Colgate Perfume Bottle With Older Colgate Trademark
(c. 1870)

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Colgate Perfume Bottle Showing Older Trademark

Colgate Perfume Bottle Showing Older Trademark

The Colgate company was founded in 1806 by William Colgate who, like Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, had studied soapmaking in England.

Prior to 1857, the company had been known as "William Colgate and Company". Upon William Colgate's death — in 1857 — the company was renamed "Colgate and Company", the name shown on this bottle.

This bottle and the trademark it bears date it as an early example of Colgate's bottles. This bottle was made using a full-size mold which left its telltale vertical seams from the base to the neck. The upper neck and lip have been finished by hand. (By the late 1800's, Colgate's bottles were made using automatic bottle blowing machines. To see an example, click here.)

The trademark on this bottle is an early one. The text "C & Co" is run in a diagonal line through the center of an ornate shield. Later bottles bear a larger, simplified trademark on the back of the bottle. (To see an example, click here.)

This bottle stands 5-3/4 inches tall. The stopper is glass. (Stoppers were generally made by specialists — not the same companies which made bottles.)

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  • Mercedes Leon, 12/15/2021. I have old "Orchis" small 3" bottle, no one knows sbt it? do you. Thank u.

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  • jerry, 03/15/2019. found old bottle like in picture colgate & co is on the side and new York other side. nothing on front or back what year would bottle be?

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