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Un Air Embaumé

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Photo of Rigaud Un Air Embaume perfume bottle

Un Air Embaumé perfume by Rigaud.

Un Air Embaumé was Rigaud's great success and sold for many years. The fragrance was a flowery, amber, woody perfume.

Marcel Duchamp, in collaboration with photographer Man Ray, created their own "brand" of perfume from a classic Un Air Embaumé bottle (not the more modern one shown here.) The product was called Belle Haleine and included several insider ironies in the presentation.

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Photo of old Rigaud Un Air Embaume perfume bottle

Detail of the label on the bottom of Un Air Embaumé perfume bottle.
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  • Adao Sedenil, 04/26/2007.
    The first design for "Un Air Embaumé" is attributed to Julien
    Viard. Cordially, Adao Sedenil.
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