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Robert Bienaimé (dates unknown)

As perfumer for Houbigant from around 1910 to 1935, Robert Bienaimé created fragrances such as Lilac, a single flower fragrance and, one of Houbigants all time best sellers, Quelques Fleurs, a floral bouquet. First introduced in 1912, Quelques Fleurs continues to be available in some form or another.

In 1935, Bienaimé launched his own Paris fragrance house, Parfum de Bienaimé and began to issue fragrances under his own name. Bienaimé fragrances continues to appear during the 1940s but it would appear that the house did not survive the war.

Perfumes By Bienaimé

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Eveil (1935)Robert Bienaimé 
Fleurs D'Eté (1935)Robert Bienaimé 
La Vie en Fleurs (1935)Robert Bienaimé 
Vermeil (1935)Robert Bienaimé 
Sur les Aimes (1935)Robert Bienaimé 
Cuir de Russie (193?)Robert Bienaimé 
Caravan (1936)Robert Bienaimé 
Fleurs de Provence (1937)Robert Bienaimé 
Les Carnations (1943)Robert Bienaimé 
Dentelle (1948)Robert Bienaimé 
Jours Heureux (1949)Robert Bienaimé 
Enfin Jeuls (1949)Robert Bienaimé 

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