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Christian Dior

Born in 1905 of affluent parents, Christian Dior passed his childhood in Normandy. In 1928, at the age of 23, he opened an experimental art gallery to exhibit works of such modern artists as Picasso, Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau. He was forced to close his gallery when his parents lost their money in the stock market crash of 1929.

Start out as an artist, Christian Dior learned by drawing "fashion" sketches ... and discovered around 1935 that he could sell these "designs" to prominent dressmakers. But this career was interrupted by the war in Europe and Dior was mobilized in 1939.

After the war, Christian Dior began working for the already famous Lucian Lelong. In 1946 Dior left Lelong and founded his own couture house. He introduced his first collection in 1947.

Likewise in 1947, Dior introduced his first perfume, Miss Dior, created by perfumer Serge Heftler Louiche, in a bottle by Guéricolas. Two years later Dior chose legendary perfumer Edmond Roudnitska to create a new perfume. The result was Diorama. Roudnitska continues to create perfume for Dior and the results included Eau Fraîche (1953), Diorissimo (1956), Eau Sauvage (1966), and Diorella (1972).

It should be noted that Lucien Lelong has been marketing perfume since 1924 and, by 1946, when Dior worked for him, Lelong was already selling his eleventh fragrance, Balalaika.

In 1955, Dior hired Yves St-Laurent as his assistant.

Christian Dior died of a heart attach in 1957 at the young age of 52.

Since the year 2000 the house of Dior had turned our new fragrances at a frantic pace.

Today the house of Christian Dior is owned by the LVMH Group, a French, luxury goods conglomerate.

Perfumes By Christian Dior

Miss Dior (1947)Serge Heftler LouicheGuéricolas
Diorama (1949)Edmond RoudnitskaGuerry Colas
Eau Fraîche (1953)Edmond RoudnitskaGuerry Colas
Diorissimo (1956)Edmond Roudnitska 
Diorling (1963)Paul VacherGuerry Colas
Eau Sauvage (1966)Edmond RoudnitskaPierre Dinand
Dioressence (1969)Guy RobertDior
Diorella (1972)Edmond RoudnitskaSerge Mansau
Dior Dior (1976)Edmond Roudnitska 
Jules (1980) Dior
Eau Sauvage Extrême (1982) Camin
Poison (1985)Jean Guichard 
Fahrenheit (1988)Jean Louis Sieuzac / Maurice Roger 
Dune (1991)Maurice RogerVeronique Monod
Tendre Poison (1994)Edouard FlechierVeronique Monod
Dolce Vita (1995)Pierre BourdonSerge Mansau
Eau Svelte (1995)  
Dune pour Homme (1997)Olivier CrespChristian Gadras
Eau de Dolce Vita (1998)  
Hypnotic Poison (1998)Annick Menardo 
J'Adore (1999)Calice Becker 
Lily (1999)  
Eau de Dior Coloressence Energisante (2000)  
Eau de Dior Coloressence Relaxante (2000)  
Remember Me (2000)  
Eau Sauvage 100% Glaçon (2001)  
Fahrenheit Summer (2001)Bertrand Duchaufour 
Forever and Ever (2001)  
Higher (2001)Olivier Gillotin / Olivier Pescheux 
Dior Addict (2002)  
Fahrenheit 0 Degrés (2002)  
Higher Black (2002)Olivier Gillotin / Olivier Pescheux 
I Love Dior (2002)  
Chris 1947 (2003)  
Higher Energy (2003)Nathalie Gracia-Cetto (Givaudan) 
Bois d'Argent Cologne (2004)  
Cologne Blanche (2004) Hedi Slimane
Dior Addict "Dior Twist" (2004)  
Dior Addict Eau Fraîche (2004)  
Dior Me, Dior Me Not (2004)  
Eau Noire Cologne (2004)Francis Kurkdjian (Quest International)Hedi Slimane
Fahrenheit Fresh (2004)  
J'Adore Anniversaire En Or (2004)  
J'Adore Summer Fragrance Alcohol Free (2004)  
Lily Dior (2004)  
Pure Poison (2004)  
Dior Addict 2 (2005)  
Dior Homme (2005) Tsutomu Kiyama
Miss Dior Chérie (2005)  
Forever and Ever Dior (2006)  

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