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François Coty: The Early Years

François Coty was born and raised in Corsica. As a young man he did military service and sold women's accessories in Marseilles. In 1900 he moved to Paris and was mentored by his former military commander, a man of some social standing. In the same year he married.

In Paris, Coty again found employment selling women's fashion accessories. Through fortunate circumstances, he met a chemist (pharmacist) who made and sold his own eau de Cologne. Coty tried doing it himself, his friend encouraged him and advised him to take formal training from an established perfumer at Grasse, the center of the French perfume industry.

Coty followed his friend's advice and managed to get himself admitted to the perfumery school run by Chiris, one of the oldest and largest of the Grasse perfume houses. After less than a year, Coty returned to Paris and began creating and attempting to sell his own perfume. Initially he met with rejection.

In 1904, after a flamboyant demonstration, Coty got an order for twelve bottles of his latest creation, La Rose Jacqueminot, from the Grands Magasins du Louvres, a major Parisian department store. Additional orders came quickly and, with assistance from Chiris and others, Coty found himself becoming famous — and rich.

Early Coty Fragrances (1900's to 1932)

Please note: great uncertainty surrounds the dates of creation of many of these fragrances. Some sources vary by as much as ten years as to the date of creation of a particular fragrance. Likewise, while we know that François Coty was a hands on perfumer and ultimately responsible for all of this perfumes during his lifetime, we also know that he employed an array of technicians and perfumers, his goal being production ... keeping the public supplied. Likewise, while Rene Lalique and Baccarat designed bottles for him, Coty developed his own bottle making operation and, no doubt, the services of less well known creators. The information below has been gathered from a number of often conflicting sources. It should not be accepted as definitive. If you have knowledge about any of the fragrances listed below, please share it with us using the message sender at the bottom of this page.

La Rose Jacqueminot (1904)François Cotyunknown
La Jacée (1905?)François CotyUnknown
L'Origan (1905)François CotyUnknown
L'Ambréine (1906)François CotyUnknown
Jasmin De Corse (1906)François CotyUnknown
La Violette Pourpre (1906)François CotyBaccarat
Le Vertige (1906)François CotyUnknown
L'Effleurt De Coty (1907)François CotyRene Lalique
Cyclamen (1908)François CotyRene Lalique
Cologne Cordon Vert (1909)François CotyUnknown
Cologne Cordon Rouge (1909)François CotyUnknown
Ambre Antique (1910)François CotyRene Lalique
Muguet (1910)François CotyUnknown
Styx (1911)François CotyRene Lalique
Au Coeur Des Calices (1912)François CotyRene Lalique
L'Or (1912)Vincent RoubertUnknown
L'EntraÎnement (1913)François CotyUnknown
La Violette Ambrée (1914)François CotyUnknown
Chypre de Coty (1917)François CotyUnknown
La Feuillaison (1920)François CotyUnknown
Eau De Coty (1920)François CotyUnknown
Émeraude (1921)François CotyUnknown
Idylle (1922)François CotyUnknown
Moia (1922)François CotyUnknown
Paris (1922)François CotyUnknown
Iris (1922)François CotyUnknown
Le Nouveau Cyclamen (1922)François CotyUnknown
Lilas Blanc (1922)François CotyUnknown
Lilas Pourpre (1922)François CotyUnknown
Jacinthe (1923)UnknownUnknown
Heliotrope (1923)UnknownUnknown
L'Oeillet France (1923)UnknownUnknown
Lumen (1924)UnknownUnknown
La Jacee (1925)UnknownUnknown
L'Aimant (1927)François Coty / Vincent RoubertUnknown
La Fougeraíe au Crépuscule (1933)François CotyUnknown

Coty Fragrances: 1933 to 1949

A'Suma (1934)Vincent RoubertUnknown
Bali (1935)UnknownUnknown
Air-Spun Face Powder (1935)UnknownUnknown
Le Nouveau Gardenia (1936)UnknownUnknown
Continentale (1937) UnknownUnknown
Ballerina (1939) UnknownUnknown
Decoy (1939)UnknownUnknown
Informal (1939)UnknownUnknown
Lavende (1939)UnknownUnknown
Cordon Noir (1939)UnknownUnknown
Four Seasons (1940)UnknownUnknown
Buckle (1941)UnknownUnknown
Cabochon (1941)UnknownUnknown
Come-Seven (1941) UnknownUnknown
Muguet de Bois (1942)Henri RobertUnknown
Excursion (1942)UnknownUnknown
Fleur De Lac (1942)UnknownUnknown
Cambo (1943)UnknownUnknown
Epreuve (1943)UnknownUnknown
D'Orquillage (1944)UnknownUnknown
Eldorado (1944)UnknownUnknown
Chemin Dore (1944)UnknownUnknown
Carousel (1945)UnknownUnknown
Etrange (1945)UnknownUnknown
Iridescent (1945)UnknownUnknown
Le Clou (1945)UnknownUnknown
Muse de Coty (1946)UnknownUnknown
8 Mai (1945)UnknownUnknown
25 Aout (1945)UnknownUnknown
Giselle (1946)UnknownUnknown
Le Soulier De Ballerine (1946)UnknownUnknown
Coquillage (1946) UnknownUnknown

Coty Fragrances: 1950 to Present

April Fields (?)UnknownUnknown
Aspen (?)UnknownUnknown
Bacchus (?)UnknownUnknown
Dark Vanilla (?)UnknownUnknown
Elan (?)UnknownUnknown
Green Champagne (1950) UnknownUnknown
Grande Affair (1952)UnknownUnknown
Little Miss Coty (1959)UnknownUnknown
Imprevu (1965)UnknownUnknown
Complice (1973)UnknownUnknown
Le Sport (1979)UnknownUnknown
Lady Stetson (1986)UnknownUnknown
Iron (1987)UnknownUnknown
Exclamation (1988)Sophia Grosjman (IFF)Unknown
Fatale (1988)UnknownUnknown
L'Effleurt (1990)UnknownUnknown
Gravity (1992)UnknownUnknown
Longing (1994)UnknownUnknown
Aspen For Women (1995)UnknownUnknown
Ghost Myst (1995)UnknownUnknown
Ici (1995)UnknownUnknown
Celebrate (1996)UnknownUnknown
Exclamation Blush (1996)UnknownUnknown
Indome (1996)UnknownUnknown
Chanson D'Eau (1997)UnknownUnknown
Exclamation Dare (1997)UnknownUnknown
Exclamation Noir (after 1997)UnknownUnknown
Chanson D'Air (1998)UnknownUnknown
Exclamation i (1998)UnknownUnknown
Chanson De Vie (1999)UnknownUnknown
Exclamation Eau (late 1990s)UnknownUnknown
Aspen Discovery (2001)UnknownUnknown

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