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Myrurgia was founded in 1916 by the Catalan family of Monegal. Raymon Monegal, a wealthy chemical industrialist, put up the money and marketing skills. His second son, Esteve Monegal Prat, a sculptor, art student and friend of many in the contemporary art scene, was the face of Myrurgia. Esteve was also influential in the management of the company until his death in 1978.

While Raymon Monegal's education came from trade school and in-house training, Estave's education came from schooling in both Barcelona and Paris. The thir generation of the family gained university degrees and received perfumery training in Grasse, in Paris, and with Firmenich in Geneva. It was Raymon Monegal's son-in-law who took over the direction of the company until his death in the 1970's.

Perhaps Myrurgia's best known fragrance was Maja, first introduced in 1918 and reintroduced in 1945. After the Spanish Civil War, in the 1950's and 1960's, Myrurgia was Spain's leading perfumer house with Gal being their chief competitor. In July, 2000, Myrurgia became part of the Puig Beauty & Fashion Group.

Perfumes By Myrurgia

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Colonia (1916) (1916) A uni-sex fragrance.
Lavanda (1916)  
Morisca (1917) Reintroduced in 1930
Mimosa de Oro (1917)  
Regium (1917)  
Promesa (1917) Name reintroduced in 2000, under Puig ownership.
Fantasio (1917)  
Rosa (1917)  
Maderas de Oriente (1918) Originally bottled in a unique wooden bottle. Often reintroduced.
Maja (1918) Inspired by the dancing of Tórtola Valencia and her figure became the distinctive images of Maja. Reintroduced in 1945.
Chipre (1918) Inspired by Coty's 1917 Chypre?
Goyesca (1919) Reintroduced quite fittingly in 1936.
Ariadna (1920)  
Nardo (1920)  
Clavel de Espagna (1920)  
A Moi? (1921)  
Origanum (1921)  
Orgia (1922)  
Flores del Mal (1922)  
Rosa de Bagdad (1922)  
Violetas (1922)  
Lilas (1922)  
Jazmin (1922)  
Acacia (1922)  
Muguet (1922)  
Suspiro de Granada (1922)  
Efluvios (Efflueves) (1924)  
Vanda Suavis (1924)  
Locion Formosa (1924)  
Locion Ella (1924)  
Muy Feminino (1925)  
Besame (1925)  
Una Fleur ... (1925) Prefix for single flower perfumes.
Perfume Alado (1926)  
Flor de Blason (1927)  
Toison (1930) Reintroduced in 1958.
Embrujo de Sevilla (1933)  
Senorial (1941)  
Junglas (1944)  
Chippendale (1946)  
Joya (1950)  
Joyel (1954)  
Nueva Maja (1960)  
Hidalgo (1972)  
Alada (1979)  

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  • María Precioso, 03/01/2024. For anyone interested we have some Myrurgia vintage perfumes and soaps available at
    They are vintage new sealed in case you are interested. We are based in Spain and we ship worldwide.

    — —

  • Bea, 09/15/2023. My dad wore this fragrance for as long as I can remember. We still have many small Maja soaps that we keep in our bookcases, and they smell amazing.
    Daisy, I have no idea but oddly I collect art deco pieces of advertising, 1940s is a bit later but I may be interested. Can we speak? Hopefully talk soon! Bea xx

    — —

  • Daisy, 08/17/2023. Hi,
    I have a maja perfume department store display lamp from the 40’s, and wondered about it history and value

    — —

  • Stephen Kurtz, 03/15/2019. You've left out Si Senior men's cologne.

    — —

  • Donna OLoughlin, 03/15/2019. I some how found a bar of soap in a box that was saved since I think 1971. It still smells beautiful. I was a young girl handing out samples at Brits department store in Ft Lauderdale FL(no longer open) wearing a Spanish dress with fan like on wrap. Still wrapped and I think it says Jabon JJcaja? Myrurgia Made in Spain. Any way to find out more info on this and does it still exist. I did see all new products..

    — —

  • MC, 09/06/2012.
    In 2008 Puig has stopped the production of Myrurgia perfumes and Ramón Monegal Maso - grandson of Esteve Monegal Prat - left Puig
    at the same time and created his own brand RM Ramón Monegal in Barcelona in 2010.
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