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Peccadille perfume by Roger & Gallet

Peccadille perfume by Roger & Gallet. Date unknown.

In 1806, Giovanni Marie (or Maria) Farina (Jean-Marie Farina), moved to Paris, bringing with him the famous "Eau de Cologne" formula which has been passed down to him in Cologne. Business was set up at 33 rue Saint Honoré.

Farina became supplier to the Empress Josephine as well as to royal families of England, Spain, Belgium and Russia.

In 1840, Farina sold the now ancient formula to Léonce Collas and retired to Italy. In 1862, through an arrangement with Callas, Armand Roger and Charles Gallet (Roger & Gallet) acquired Collas' rights to Eau de Cologne, with the exception of Parisian Eau de Cologne.

In 1999, the Gucci Group, NV, acquired the Roger & Gallet business.


Like Colgate in the United States and Brocard in Russia, Roger & Gallet was active in the soap business during the 19th century. This activity continued into the 20th century and today soap and toiletries are the heart of the Roger & Gallet business. The link with Eau de Cologne and Farina is not well known.


Starting in the last 19th century, Roger & Gallet developed a number of perfumes. While the company was a well known force in the market, none of their many fragrances became timeless classics. Today, names and dates of Roger & Gallet perfumes are, in many cases, unavailable.

Perfumes By Roger & Gallet

Jean Marie Farina's Eau de Cologne (c.1695-1806)credited to Giovanni Paolo Feminis 
Fugue (1832)  
Violette De Parme (1880)  
Gallia (1886)  
Anthea (1892)  
Vera Violetta (1892)  
Peau D'Espagne (1895)  
Bouquet des Amours (1898)  
Gloire De Paris (1900)  
Ausonia (1905)  
Persana (1911)  
Violette Rubra (1911)  
Narkiss (1912)  
Ambrerose (1922)  
Bridalis (1922)  
Fleurs de Passe (1922)  
Flors De Tokio (1922)  
Foin Nouveau (1922)  
Girofflee (1922)  
Lioris (1922)  
Muguet De Mai (1922)  
Nemora (1922)  
Oeillet De Paris (1922)  
Paquerettes (1922)  
Pervenche (1922)  
Souvenir de ja Cour (1922)  
Stephanotis (1922)  
Violette Amorée (1922)  
Le Jade (1923)  
Tentation (1923)  
Partir (1927)  
Pavots D'Argent (1927)  
Feu-Follet (1931)  
Missive (1932)  
Frivolities (1934)  
Challenge (1935)  
Initiation (1935)  
Blue Carnation (1937)  
Night Of Delight (1938)  
Oeillet Bleu (1939)  
Kali (1943)  
Aveu (1946)  
Innuendo (1946)  
Shendy (1970)  
Vétyver (1974)  
Eau de Cologne Vetyver (1975)  
Vetyver (1975)  
Santal (1978)  
Santalia (1979)  
Soins D'Eau (1981)  
Roger & Gallet L'Homme (1982)  
Open (1985)  
Bouquet Imperiale (1991)  
Nature System (1992)  
Pour Une Femme (1993)  
Roger & Gallet pour L'Homme (1993)  
Eau Pour Soi (1999)  
Eau de Thé Vert (2000)  
L'Homme Essentiel (2001)  
White Reseda (2002)  
Eau de Gingembre (2003)  
Pavot d'Argent (2005)  
Extra Vielle (?)  
Peccadille (?)  

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