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Aimé Guerlain

Aimé Guerlain, son of Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, took over the House of Guerlain at the age of 27 when his father suffered poor health. To focus on his work in perfumery, Aimé turned over the management of the business to his brother, Gabriel. Gabriel's 16-year-old son, Jacques Guerlain — destined for fame in his own right — became Aimé's apprentice in the laboratory.

Perfumes By Aimé Guerlain

Fleurs d'ItalieGuerlain1884
Eau de Cologne du CoqGuerlain1894

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  • Frances Hamkshaw, 11/28/2022. I am 86 years old and when my first child was a daughter, she was born when I was 17 years old, my husband Geoff bought me a bottle of Jicky perfume. I have never been without a bottle of this wonderful expression of love in a bottle. Thanks, the perfume is part of my life's history

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