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Henri Alméras

Henri Alméras was a painter and writer in addition to being a master perfumer.

Alméras created a number of fragrances for Paul Poiret's Parfums de Rosine, among them Le Fruit Defendu (Forbidden Fruit). When Paul Poiret's business failed in 1925 and Parfums de Rosine came to an end, Henri Alméras became Jean Patou's perfumer.

In 1925, Patou lanuched three of Henri Alméras's creations: Amour Amour, Que Sais-Je?, and Adieu Sagesse. This was the beginning of a long lasting relationship which included Patou's famous Joy — the world's costliest perfume — created by Alméras.

Henri Alméras continued to create fragrances for Patou after the founder's death, helping to keep alive a business which is now owned by Proctor & Gamble.

The story is told (by Guy Robert to Luca Turin to Octavian) that the formula for Jacques Guerlain's Shalimar came very close to that of a fragrance Henri Alméras had created many years earlier for Parfums de Rosine.

Perfumes Created By Henri Alméras

Le Fruit DefenduParfums de Rosine1918
Amour AmourJean Patou1925
Que Sais-Je?Jean Patou1925
Adieu SagesseJean Patou1925
ChaldéeJean Patou1927
Huile de ChaldeeJean Patou1927 (A sun tanning oil)
Le SienJean Patou1929 (A unisex fragrance)
Moment SuprêmeJean Patou1929
Cocktail DryJean Patou1930
Cocktail BitterJean Patou1930
Cocktail Bitter SweetJean Patou1930
JoyJean Patou1930
InvitationJean Patou1932
Divine FolieJean Patou1933
NormandieJean Patou1935
VacancesJean Patou1936
ColonyJean Patou1938
L'Heure AttendueJean Patou1948

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