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Perfumer Claude Fraysse can be credited with two great creations: perfume and perfumers. His great perfumes were those created for Parfums Weil, the perfumery offshoot of Parisien furrier, Les Fourrures Weil. His perfumer creations were his children and, in at least one case, a talented perfumer grandchild.

Claude Fraysse's perfumer offspring include Jacqueline Fraysse, who worked with her father at Weil, André Fraysse (1902-1976), who created a line of successful perfumes for Lanvin, and Hubert Fraysse who, in addition to his work for Synarome in Geneva, is also credited with creating the second (1948) version of Weil's Antilope. Claude Fraysse's grandson, Richard Fraysse, (André's son) became the distinguished in-house perfumer for Caron under the Ales Group ownership.

Before becoming associated with Weil, Claude Fraysse had worked for Firmenich in Geneva and had been top perfumer for Yardley Perfumes of London. At Weil his creations, in some cases with the assistance of his daughter Jacqueline (who also created perfumes for Weil on her own), included Zibeline (1928), Chinchilla Royal (1928), Hermine (1931) and Une Fleur (1931).

Perfumes By Claude Fraysse

Chinchilla RoyalWeil1928
Une FleurWeil1931

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  • Elaine Dickens, 12/23/2023. I was bought Zibeline by Weil, for my 21st birthday , a long time ago. I loved this perfume and it came as a great shock when it was not going to be available 😱😱.
    These days the shops are filled with “celebrity “ perfumes. To me they are cheap and nasty , which was why I loved your product.
    Is there any chance that it will be available again? Or is there hidden away that I could purchase please please.

    Regards Elaine

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