How To Use An Electronic Balance
A 2-minute educational video

What's happening?

A new perfume formula has been created using dropper bottles, so the formula is written out in drops. To scale up production, drops must be converted to grams through the use of an electronic balance. Shown here is the process of setting up and using an electronic balance to convert the "drops" formula to a "grams" formula.

What this video shows:

An electronic balance is a sophisticated weighing device—a type of scale.

This video shows an electronic balance being prepared to accurately weigh out a fragrance formula which is also shown.

The steps include leveling the balance by adjusting its movable feet, zeroing the balance, and protecting it from incluences that could cause weighing errors. These adverse influences include air currents, such as from a fan or an open window, and vibrations, such as from boom box music, street traffic, or, if the floor is light, from foot traffic.

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