Producing A Perfume Step By Step
A 4-minute dyi video

What this video shows:

A formula for a new perfume has been developed. It makes use of four (4) natural aroma materials, three (3) single molecule synthetics, and five (5) synthetic bases.

The video shows the production of 900 ml of finished fragrance which combines the oil (specified by the formula) with water and alcohol.

The first step shown is the production of 135 ml of the the necessary oil. This is accomplished by first recording the weight of an empty beaker and then weighing out each of the twelve ingredients into this beaker as it rests on the pan of an electronic balance.

Once all twelve aroma materials have been poured into the beaker, the weight of the empty beaker is subtracted from the weight of the full beaker to give the weight of the oil alone. A weight of 132.3 grams of oil are required to yield the 135 ml volume of oil needed for this job.

Once the oil has been produced, it is combined with water and alcohol in a 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup of the kind commonly found in a household kitchen. In the video, oil is added to the measuring cup first, and then water. As oil and water do not mix, in the video the water is first seen separating from the oil. Then, when the alcohol is added, they quickly blend.

The final step is pouring the finished perfume from the measuring cup into a large bottle where it will age for 30 days or more before the final bottling will take place.

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