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Lancôome was founded in 1935 by perfumer-businessman Armand Petitjean. Armand Petitjean had formerly been employed by Coty as "export broker" — first for all of Latin America, then, in 1931, also for Brazil. Coty's business practice was to export as many components of his products as possible and then assemble them locally throughout the world, thus saving tremendoubly on import duties.

The "Lancôome" name was selected for it's "French" sound, much as François Spoturno had taken the name "Coty" for its "French" sound.

Armand Petitjean made good use of his Coty connections, hiring as his artistic director and bottle designer, artist Georges Delhomme, who had previously done a great deal of artistic work for Coty, who had died in 1934. Delame's close relationship with Lancôme is said to have lasted for 30 years.

While Petitjean immediately introduced five fragrances for Lanc⊚me, as is developed, beauty products would be Lancôme's strength and money spinner. In 1964, Lancôme was acquired by another cosmetics giant, the L'Orèal Group.

Perfumes by Lancôme

Conquête (1935)  
Kypre (1935)  
Tendres Nuits (1935)  
Bocages (1935)  
Tropiques (1935)  
Magie (1950) Lalique
Trésor (1952)  
Balafré (1967)  
Climat (1967)  
Ô de Lancôme (1969)  
Sikkim (1971)  
Magie Noir (1978)  
Trésor (1990)Sophia Grosjman (IFF)Style Marque

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