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(Late 1930's - 1940's)

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'Caravan' perfume by Robert Bienaime

Caravan perfume
by Robert Bienaimé
'Caravan' pefume advertising
Advertising for Caravan perfume

Caravan was another of perfumer Robert Bienaimé's fragrances marketed through his own company. It was available in the 1940's. The launch date is unknown. Bienaimé himself is somewhat of an unknown figure in 20th century perfumery in spite of having begun working for Houbigant around 1900, and having created Houbigant's 1912 classic, Quelques Fleurs.

Bienaimé left Houbigant in 1935 to establish his own perfume marketing company. He succeeded in launching at least three fragrances under his name but today little is known about his life or the fate of his company.

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The bottom of a bottoe of 'Caravan' perfume by Robert Bienaime

A bottle of Caravan perfume
by Robert Bienaimé, as seen from the bottom.

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