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Marketing Your Perfume

The many free articles published here for fragrance marketers can be accessed through our Resources Index. Additional free resources, including vendor listings and technical papers, can be found by exploring the content guide here.

Every marketing situation is different but if you want to sell your own perfume and don't yet have a solid plan, you can get some practical guidance by reading 61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume! If you are really new at marketing this book can give you a solid dash in the face of reality and may guide you into a path that can help you make money.

Developing Your Perfume

If your interest is in creatingr your own commercial perfume or cologne, my book titled Creating Your Own Perfume With A 1700 Percent Markup! will help you. The book is not cheap but it is authentic, all from my own experience, and it has been updated several times since I first offered it for sale.

If creating your own original "juice" (the fragrance itself) hands-on interests you, the PerfumersWorld Foundation Course will get you started. This was my own introduction to professional fragrance creation and it still the best introductory training in perfumery anywhere. This home study course is available from us or directly from PerfumersWorld. PerfumersWorld also offers intense, 5-Day Perfume Creation Workshops. Visit their website for upcoming dates and cities.

Included with the PerfumersWorld Foundation Course is The Perfumer's Workbook, a sophisticated but easy to use computer program for fragrance creation. With it you can design your own perfume or cologne and it is available as a digital download here, at this website.

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