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Develop and sell your own perfume!

Whether your budget is large or small,
resources at this website can help you
develop and sell your fragrance successfully!

It's a two step process — creating your perfume and selling it. But, as you'll learn as you study with us, it is wise to develop a plan to sell your perfume before you begin develop it.

Selling your perfume

To develop perfume as a business, you need a way to sell it — a marketing strategy, a business plan, an idea clearly fixed in your head.

We offer a number of resources to help you develop an effective marketing plan for your perfume. You can begin to review them here.

Creating your perfume

Creating perfume can be about business, personal pleasure, or both. Creating perfume can be about learning to work with raw materials or simply finding someone who can translate your ideas into the perfume you imagined. We can help you either way.

If your interest is in hands-on perfume creation, we strongly recommend the PerfumersWorld Foundation Course as a starting point. The home study K26 course comes with all required materials and can be purchased either here at this U.S. website or directly from PerfumersWorld in Bangkok.

If you would rather just direct the creative process while professionals do the work, you can learn how to go about this by reading Section III of Creating Your Own Perfume With a 1700 Percent Markup. But to fully understand what you'll be doing — by following Section III — we recommend that you also give some attention to Section I, which gives a non-technical overview of the elements that your contractor will assemble for you.

And you can discover other options for creating your perfume here.

For professionals only

If you have an ongoing interest in marketing your own perfume, you will find our Club Newsletter a valuable source of timely ideas and cutting edge perfume marketing strategies. Follow it for six months before you undertake your first project with perfume and I can guarantee you will save money and achieve greater success. Read more about it here.

Phil Goutell

I create and sell my own fragrances and you can to. See a sampling of some fragrances I've created at my online display space —

Philip Goutell
Lightyears, Inc.

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