Resources for Creators & Marketers of Perfume

Launched into the right market with the right promotion, a new fragrance can make money. A lot is involved in getting it right, but getting it wrong can be expensive.

To develop your perfume ...

There is no better way to learn how a perfume is created than to throw yourself into the development of a new perfume. Creating Your Own Perfume With A 1700 Percent Markup! is a complete guide to development of a new perfume.

If you want to go deeper into perfume creation and work, hands on, with the raw materials from which a new fragrance is born, the PerfumersWorld Foundation Course can get you started on this highly rewarding lifetime journey.

And to sell it ...

Selling a new perfume can be easy as pie or incredibly difficult. It's easy when you have a receptive market and a smart plan for making sales. Successful perfumers and fragrance entrepreneurs generally start with a plan, before they begin to develop the perfume itself.

You'll find some useful insights into the planning process in 61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!.

If your interest in perfume marketing is ongoing ...

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Before you invest money in making a perfume, educate yourself on the amazing possibilities!

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