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Cocktail Dry
Jean Patou

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Photo of bottle of 'Cocktail Dry' perfume-cologne

Cocktail Dry Parfum-Cologne, by Jean Patou
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Detail of stopper of 'Cocktail Dry'

Detail of stopper of Cocktail Dry Perfume-Cologne by Jean Patou

In his couture shop at 7, rue Saint-Florentin, Jean Patou had created a cocktail bar where men could drink and carry on while their women shopped for frocks. In 1930, Patou decided that this could be converted into a perfume bar and his in-house perfumer, Henri Alméas, was instructed to create "cocktail" fragrances. The results were Cocktail Dry, Cocktail Sweet, and Cocktail Bitter Sweet.

Twenty-five years later, perfumer Henri Giboulet created a "cocktail" perfume for Lubin, Gin Fizz. When Henri Alméras retired, Henri Giboulet became in-house perfumer for Patou.

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