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Jasmin De Corse

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Jasmin De Corse perfume by Coty

"Corse" is, of course, Corsica, François Coty's place of birth. This bottle of Jasmin De Corse perfume by Coty is part of a three bottle set with a leather traveling case. While the complete story of Jasmin De Corse is not known, we can be sure that François Coty played an important role in its development.

Jasmin De Corse was sold by Coty for a number of years and apparently achieved a nice following among members of the Russian court, but never became a Coty best seller in the West and it is often omitted from lists of vintage Coty fragrace.

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Detail of stopper of Jasmin de Corse by Coty

Detail of stopper on Jasmin De Corse perfume by Coty

The bottle shown here has a metal cap that fits over a small knurled, glass stopper.

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