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Toujours Fidèle

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Toujour Fidele perfume by D'Orsay

Toujours Fidèle by D'Orsay
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French Bulldog

Detail of French bulldog stopper
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Toujour Fidele perfume by D'Orsay

Toujours Fidèle by D'Orsay

Appreciate the humor. Toujours Fidèle — "ever faithful" — a lover? The name suggests romance. But the "ever faithful" object of the title is man's best friend — a dog — a French bulldog or, perhaps, a pug.

The bottle is referred to as "pillow shaped " — but you might call it a pillow for a dog — or a doggie bed. Humor again.

The design of the bottle has been attributed to Baccarat (1912) and to Cristalleries de Nancy (1909 and 1912) by various sources. There appears to also have been a 1928 reissue by Baccarat with molded label, frosted stopper and gray patina.

Some examples exist signed by Baccarat, others signed by Nancy. Still others are unsigned.

The bottle appears to have been produced in more than one size as its common with successful fragrances.

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Photos of Toujours Fidèle courtesy of Ermina Bosch.

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  • George A Bonta, 03/19/2018. Yes I have a full bottle from I be leave 1909 and the box witch is a little warn for ware the bottle is sealed with wax and a wire the dog is perfect being acid etched its almost black to the eye but is high gold when photographed on the bottom left corner there's a 99and o the right corner a 5 when you like through the bottle at the bottom of the stopper there is a TG does any one no if anything iv described is speacail or unique in any way

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