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Tabac Blond

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Tabac Blond

The scent of undried (blond) tobacco. The year is 1919. The Great War has ended. Life resumes. Women smoke cigarettes in public. Perfumer Ernest Daltroff and artistic director Félice Wanpouille create Tabac Blond for their perfumery, Caron.

This is an offbeat fragrance, not one that has remained universally beloved. But it was a fragrance in tune with the times and helped propel the reputation of Caron. The fragrance has been described as non-floral, dry, somber and earthy, leather and amber, spicy, heavy, oriental and, in appearance, not very feminine. Of course all this helped make it a bit hit.

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Tabac Blond

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  • DELORES MACFARLAND, 03/19/2018. I have an original 1919 Tabac Blond by Caron which still has a small amount of the original perfume in it. I have never opened the bottle to smell of it, but I can smell a faint odor of it by just smelling the closed bottle. It's an interesting scent, and a nice scent, hard to describe.

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