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'Pagan' perfume by Picot

Pagan, perfume by Picot

The beginnings of Picot Laboratories are currently lost in time but we do know a bit about some of the fragrances they once created and marketed, and we do know a bit about how the Picot name came to an end.

Picot Laboratories was one of the last creative perfumery houses in the U.K. and it was famous for its use of (expensive) natural materials. In the 1970's, Picot was owned by Scott & Bowne, manufacturing chemists, with roots in 19th century America.

Scott & Bowne, marketers of Scott's Cod Liver Oil, sold Picot to SmithKlein Beecham sometime before 1980. Picot's popular fragrances, Pagan and Pagan Man, were ultimately acquired by Jovan and marketed under the Mayfair and Lentheric brands.

Known Perfumes By Picot

Le Train Bleu (194?)  
Pagan (1968)  
Pagan Man (196?)  
Lily of the Valley in Bloom (196?)  
Suede (196?)  
Akabar (196?)  
Fiesta (196?) An answer to Chanel's No.5, an aldehydic floral, discontinued in the late 1970's.

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  • Marina Willerton, 07/17/2017. In the 1950s Picot made perfume called
    Le Gardenia Blanc
    and it was my favourite one. I wish that a company like that one would come into being again. Their perfumes were first rate.

    — —

  • Olgaholt, 07/17/2017. Picot fiesta perfume was the most beautiful I have ever used and I cannot find another one to equal it , I think if the formula was found
    it would be an instant success.

    — —

  • Barbara - UK, 01/24/2017. I used Picot Fiesta perfume in 1961 it was such a beautiful scent. When it was discontinued it took me a long time to find one to replace it. I did eventually turn to Chanel and discovered No 5 which I still use and love, however I still think Fiesta had the edge.