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Ethyl Alcohol
for perfume

If you are planning to make many, many gallons of perfume, you should be familiar with the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau's information and regulations. In particular, you should read ATF - INFORMATION FOR SPECIALLY DENATURED SPIRITS APPLICANTS. The people at this agency are very helpful and will guide you through the necessary requirements. Commercial chemical houses specializing in ethyl alcohol generally will not sell you denatured alcohol unless you have there required government permit which, currently, costs $250 per year.

When you perfume is being put together for you by a filling house or contract packager, they will provide your alcohol.

For general trade information on Ethyl Alcohol follow the articles in Ethanol Producer Magazine.

For information on Ethyl Alcohol, download and read the Ethyl Alcohol Handbook by Equistar.

International Souces

Purchasing relatively small amounts of ethyl alcohol for use in perfumery can often be a problem due to lack of sources. Several large chemical houses offer absolute alcohol or various ethyl alcohol products that, while they can be expensive, are quite suitable for perfume making. When your needs call for larger amounts — perhaps more than 5 gallons (or 20 liters), going to a house that specializes in perfumery alcohol makes sense, even if you have to deal with government registration and taxation. Here are some international sources of alcohol that can be helpful when you need just a few gallons or liters:

  • Sigma-Aldrich
    Worldwide source of alcohol, expensive, but suitable for perfumery. Also a source of chemicals and laboratory supplies.

United States

Some of the companies listed below have global operations. Consult their websites to see if they might offer alcohol in your country.

  • Save On Scents
    Offers perfumers alcohol for shipping to U.S. destinations only. You can buy up to 5 gallons per calendar year without a permit. After that, you need a tax permit.
    Offers perfumers alcohol for shipping to U.S. destinations only. 30 oz per shipment limit. Shipping from California.
  • Fisher Scientific
    Various offerings of ethyl alcohol. Be sure to read product details before ordering.
  • Sigma-Aldrich
    Worldwide source of alcohol, expensive, but suitable for perfumery. Also a source of chemicals and laboratory supplies.
  • Pharmco-Aaper
    Ethyl alcohol, both pure and denatured, in industrial quantities. Unless you are buying pure ethanol and paying the tax, a Federal use permit is required.
  • Alcochem
    11251 Richmond Avenue, Suite F107, Houston TX 77082, USA. Tel: + 1 281 531 95 75. Fax: + 1 281 531 95 48.
    Un-denatured as well as denatured ethanol is supplied out of third party storage terminals in Deer Park, Texas as well as Carteret, New Jersey.
  • Ultra Pure
    "Ultra Pure specializes in the worldwide distribution of the highest purity alcohols and solvents. The management team has over 50 years combined experience servicing the United States, Europe and other worldwide markets. Ultra Pure's strategically-placed distribution centers throughout the United States and Europe allow for quicker delivery times and lower freight charges."


  • Saffire Blue
    "Saffire Blue offers an extensive selection of high quality soap making and cosmetic formulation supplies. Saffire Blue is your source for quality shea butter, mango butter and other exotic butters, as well as carrier oils, fragrance oils, cosmetic bases, cosmetic packaging, salts, clays and so much more. From the hobby soap maker to professional soap maker, we have high quality ingredients to make your products stand out."
  • Commercial Alcohols Inc
    SDA alcohols for perfumery are available. Sales offices are listed on their website.
  • Univar Canada
    Ethyl alcohol.
  • GreenField Ethanol Inc.
    Canada?s Leading Ethanol Producer GreenField Ethanol Inc.

For more information on alcohol regulations in Canada, follow these links:

United Kingdom

Information on alcohol regulations in the UK


  • Mistral Chemicals Ireland
    They carry both a perfumers alcohol and a formulators alcohol.
  • Societe des Alcools Denatures (S.A.D.)
    Rue du Pilier, 10, F-93300 Aubervilliers, France. Tel: + 331 53 56 13 93. Fax: +331 48 33 01 79.
    Alcohol for perfumery and cosmetics. The company delivers lots from one to 200 liters in France and in some other european countries trough rail and trucks.
    Akwawit — Polmos Spólka Akcyjna z siedziba; we Wroclawiu
    ul. Swieciechowska 2, 64-100 Leszno,
    tel. +48 65 529-40-40,
    fax. +48 65 529-90-55,
    Alcohol for perfume and cosmetics.
  • Alcodis S.A.
    Boulevard du Souverain, 100 bte 9, B-1170 Brussels, Belgium. Tel: + 322 663 38 39. Fax: +322 675 87 45. Contact:
    Alcodis is one of the major independent distributors of ethanol in Europe, Middle-East and Africa.


    Alco Group, as ethanol experts, has established its branch office in Istanbul in 2003. Since then it is active as ALCO TARIM for the denatured & un-denatured ethanol sales in cosmetic, beverage, medicine and vinegar for the Turkish Market, Russian Market & Cyprus.
    Tel: 2122806455-2806473
    Fax: 2122806499


  • House of Arak
    Boustan Cul - Ab St., Aleppo, Syria. Tel. ++ 963 21 2270240. Fax. ++ 963 21 2216914. Email:
    Ethyl alcohol for perfumery, alcoholic beverages.


  • The Bay for Trading
    "We are Traders of perfumes and we own and manufacture our own brand names. We are Supplier and Seller of: perfume oil, atomizer, perfume glass bottles, essential oil, perfumes, denatured alcohol, perfume box."
    Contact Person: Essam Elsayed A. Naby Job Title: General Manager
    Location: Egypt - Al Iskandariyah


  • NCP Alcohols
    132 Sea Cow Lake Rd, DURBAN, 4001, South Africa. Tel:+27(31)560 1111. Fax:+27(31)579 1541.
    Ethyl alcohol for perfumery, cosmetics, beverages.


  • Unique Traders
    "Unique Traders is newly established Company and having experience of Trading and Export of Alcohol and Sugar. We also deal in Ethyl Acetate, Glacial Acetic Acid and Butyl Acetate. We are Supplier and Seller of: denatured alcohol, denatured spirit, ethanol 99%, ethyl acetate 99%, ethyl alcohol - fuel and pharma grade, extra neutral alcohol, glacial acetic acid 99%, icumsa below 100, sugar icumsa 45."
    Contact Person: Sangita Yadav
    Job Title: General Manager
    Location: India - Maharashtra

Indian Ocean Island Region

  • Alcodis Limited
    Royal Road, Rose Belle, Mauritius. Tel: + 230 627 26 66. Fax: + 230 627 26 68.
    No website yet. Call for information.