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Caps, Spray Pumps, Orifice Reducers

When you buy perfume bottles in bulk, they will be sold without "closure"s — the cap or spray pump that holds the liquid perfume in the bottle.

Perfume bottles are made to take either a screw-on or crimp-type closure. Screw-on closures can be screwed on by hand. Crimp-style closures must be mounted to your bottle by a crimp machine. If you, or your contract packager, do not have access to a crimp machine, you'll want to select screw-on closures.

Since bottles and closures are made by different manufacturers, even when ordering both in a "standard" size, the fit should be tested with a sample before you place your order. All too often you will find that, although they should go together, they don't!

  • McKernan Packaging
    Closeout, overstocks of bottles, pumps, caps etc. $500 minimum order. Finding caps and orifice reducing plugs in the size you want can be easy. Finding metal fine mist sprayers — with overshell — can be close to impossible. They get a large turnover in inventory so, if you need a closure in a large lot, get on their catalog mailing list and check their website regularly.
  • Cospack
    Fine mist spray pumps, caps for pumps, purse size perfume atomizers. Stock items and special orders.
  • Ningbo Z&Z Sprayer Col, Ltd.
    Fine mist spray pumps from China.
  • Arrowpak, Inc.
    Distributors of Barlan bottles, they also can provide closures and customized decorating services for your bottles. Their products are sold only in bulk. Their website is hopeless. Call for a catalog.
    Both caps and metal fine mist spray pumps can be ordered in small quantities, although quantities under 1,000 pieces tend to be a bit expensive. Orders can be place online. Bottles and closures can be purchased together. This makes sense for smaller quantities.
  • SKS Bottle & Packaging
    An excellent source for caps. Weak on fine mist sprayer.
  • O. Berk
    Bottles and pumps. "A total packaging resource."
  • C & N Packaging
    Source of plastic packaging components including stock and custom designed caps and overshells.
  • Bottle Mate
    Spray pumps and matching bottles in many interesting styles. They offer silk screen printing, anodizing, engraving, brushed finish, electrostatic printing, embossing, debossing, and knurl finish. Plants in China and Taiwan; sales office in California.
  • Jingyi Plastic Industrial
    Metal fine mist spray pumps.
  • ABA Packaging Corp.
    Bottles and pumps.
  • China Gidea
    Bottles and pumps
  • Emsar
    A major source of fine mist spray pumps.
  • Drug & Cosmetic Packaging Sales Corp.
    Surplus bottles and fine mist spray pumps, mostly crimp-style. They also sell a table top crimp machine.
  • China Packaging USA, Inc.
    Website addresses are in China but they have a rep in the US. They will produce fine mist spray pumps in quantities of 50,000 up. You give them your bottle, to make sure of proper fit. Contact: Liren Huang, 686-279-6859.