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Direct Printing & Decorating For Perfume Bottles

Once you begin to produce 50,000 to 100,000 bottles of perfume at a time, you'll want to look into direct printing — printing directly on your bottles. A variety of techniques for this exist including silk screen printing (inks) and hot foil stamping (metalic foils: gold, silver and other colors.)

  • Northern Pacific Consulting
    Multi-color and metalic foils. "MCF (Multi-Color Foil) is a newly developed decorating technology which can transfer words, metallic designs, and even photo-quality images through one-shot hot stamping. This is done with the use of preprinted images being applied on a diverse array of substrates with a wide selection of colors. MCF goes through a much easier process than silk screening, looks far more aesthetic than labeling, and adheres stronger than decals. All of which reduces production costs substantially. MCF presents the premiere decorating method."
  • Saga Decor (France)
    Specializes in printing on glass. Frosting, screen printing, sleeving.
  • Freeport Screen & Stamping, Inc.
    Printing and Screening on all sizes of bottles, tubes, jars, glass, displays, caps, cosmetics compacts, brushes, paperboards, coated boards, large display panels and chemical modular straws. Hot stamping and silk screening, one color or multi-color. Re-work on filled products, ink and foil decoration.
  • Premier Applied Coatings, Inc.
    Coating - Wet Ink | Water Borne | Conductive | Baking Enamals | Two Part | Mil-Spec | High Solids ... Powder - Hybrid | Epoxy | Urethane | Polyester | S Step Pre-Treatment Process ... Pad Printing - Any Shape | Any Surface | Multi-Color | J.I.T. | All Industries | Quick and Affordable.
  • Pauway Corp.
    Pad Printing - allows highly defined imprints to be transferred onto shaped surfaces, including recessed and special contours. A transfer pad picks up the image from a cliche plate, and it is then imprinted onto the part. Pad printing provides superior high volume output, when consistent quality is of the utmost concern. Silk Screening - brings clarity and efficiency ... in-house silk screen making capabilities gives the Customer immediate response to those always Hot Jobs that need that quick turnaround. Our restricted screens are able to print inside a flange or a box cover as close as .500 from the restriction. We can offer screens up to 48" X 48" ... all of our inks conform to Mil-Std-130. Two component expoxies is our standard for tough powder coated surfaces. No matter what your substrate is from Plastic, Metal or Wood adhesion should not be a problem. Custom color matching is also available. Laser Marking & Engraving - YAG and CO2 lasers in our decorating department ... offers marking and engraving services on almost all Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, Composites, Wood, etc, as well as Coated, Painted or Bare Surfaces. Laser marking or engraving is a computer-driven, environmentally friendly alternative to silk screening, pad printing, stamping, mechanical engraving, chemical etching, and many other costly, lower quality processes. Our high-speed non contact process provides superior quality, permanence and design flexibility. Laser marking can achieve accuracy in small detail engraving unmatched by any other engraving method. From ten to ten thousand, precision computer control means that your last production piece will look as good as the first! Laser Engraving - Laser engraving uses laser light to ablate away material leaving a tactile depression in the surface engraved. This process is used when the material being engraved does not lend itself to the laser marking process, or when the item being engraved needs the added depth provided by a deep engraving. Laser engraving allows materials to be engraved that are difficult or impossible to engrave by other means. Laser Marking - Laser marking uses laser light to discolor material leaving little or no tactile feel in the surface marked.