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Packaging Machinery For Small Businesses

If you are packaging your perfume by hand, and your business is growing, and you need to get the work done faster, and you need greater precision in your work — but you want to maintain complete control over your packaging — here are some machines that will easily fit in a garage workshop or small factory space.

  • SKS Bottle
    Power Label Dispenser, Dispensa-Matic U-45. Power Advance Dispenser for printed labels in rolls, or one up fan fold computer print out labels. "Accepts formats up to 4-1/2" width and rolls up to 9" diameter and dispenses labels without difficulty. Vinyl, acetate, foil, or other very thin stock may require a sharp edge plate, and if you are contemplating these types of labels please tell us so we can offer the sharp plate. Priced under $500. "
  • SKS Bottle
    Filling Machine, Automatic Dispenser. "The Omnispense filling machine has been completely redesigned inside and out to produce an even more user friendly dispenser. If you need to fill 100 or 10,000 containers the omnispense makes quick work of it. The omnispense uses very little work space standing only 15" high and 12' wide. Priced under $2500, with discount."
  • Aero-Tech Lab
    This company was recommended to us at a trade show as a source of manual crimp machines to crimp spray pumps to perfume bottles. They also offer a wide range of other laboratory equipment.
  • Drug & Cosmetics Packaging Sales Corp.
    They offer two models of laboratory style hand crimping machines, to attach crimp-style fine mist spray pumps closures to crimp finish bottles. European-made, these machines range in cost from about $1600 to $2500. The company also sells bottles and fine mist spray pumps.
  • Cropharm
    Dealers of the Griso liquid filling machine illustrated in our book, "Developing A Profitable New Perfume On A Budget Of Less Than $200!". The Griso hand filling machine comes with a single "valve with filling nozzle" and costs $4,500 — a big step up from the turkey baster we recommend but more accurate and faster. They also offer capping machines and other filling equipment.
  • Start International
    Electric label dispensers. Equipped with an electric eye, the machine "hands you" a pressure-sensitive label, one at a time but in very rapid succession, with the backing already peeled off. All you do is pick off the label which is waiting for you and apply it to your bottle or box. I saw this demonstrated at EastPack 2005 and the machine works wonderfully well. There is a video of it in action at the company's website.
  • Primera
    Label printers and supplies. Printer is priced around $2500. Windows drivers included. I saw this printer demonstrated at EASTPACK 2005. Their model LX800 Color Label Printer is an excellent choice for a business that wants to do short run perfumes for clients, including non-profits, wedding planners, and business gift suppliers. With this printer, your cost for running from 100 to 1,000 labels is quite low, yet the quality would be as high as that of a printer doing labels in batches of 10,000 or more.