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Packaging Materials
Boxes, Bags, Sacks, Decorative Enhancements

  • McKernan Packaging
    Closeout, overstocks of bottles, pumps, caps etc. $500 minimum order. Start by getting samples and discussing your project by phone or fax. We were quite pleased with the order we received from them. Orders are sent by truck and shipping costs can run to $300 or more. If you need a large quantity of bottles, this is the place to get your best price. But you have to do some mixing and matching between bottles and closures ... and make sure the closures you want really fit! (When you're mixing one manufacturer's bottles with another manufacturer's closures, sometimes you get surprises on what are supposed to be "standard" sizes.
    Orders can be place online. Bottles are matched with caps or pumps.
  • Save On Scents
    Offers oils, bottles and a great deal of information. We received our (fragrance oil) order in 2 days and we are currently using their product to a new perfume for a client.
  • Specialty Bottle
    Bottles with closures. All quantities. They offer smaller bottles with non-metalic fine mist spray pumps at a favorable price.
  • SKS Bottle & Packaging
    "SKS is a supplier, consultant and designer of plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic jars, glass jars, metal containers and closures for your packaging needs. Our online selections of containers and closures is extensive and priced right so that you are getting the best selection of products at the best prices. Check out our selection and let us know what you think!"

Packaging Companies

(Sources for special packaging of your perfume or cosmetic product.)

  • Cosmetic Packaging & Design Advertisers List
    Packaging companies that advertise in Packaging & Design magazine. They have websites but are difficult to find through search engines. Scan these listings for packaging products in all categories: bottles, caps and pumps, labels, custom boxes, custom designed bottles, etc.
  • Packaging Industry Directory (UK)
    Online version of Packaging Industry Directory, gives you instant access to information on over 7,250 companies operating in the UK.
  • The Cosmetics Site
    Follow the links to "Packaging" and start search with" A".

Custom Boxes

This is a category you have to search on your own. Boxes are easy to find. Boxes for perfume (taller than side) are not so easy to find. Search the internet for "paper boxes custom short run". Send inquiries. Make phone calls.


  • Roberts Cosmetic Containers
    "The largest selection of packaging components in the industry." They have some nice perfume bottles with shapes different enough to provide a custom look at stock prices.

Fine Mist Spray Pumps

Micro Encapsulation

Scent Strips, Scratch 'n Sniff, etc.


  • Capitalizing on Controlled Release
    "Encapsulation technology has existed since the 1940s when it was initially developed by the National Cash Register Corporation of Dayton, Ohio. Since then, encapsulation has found many uses in fragrances, as well as cosmetics and personal care."
  • The smell of success: olfactory packaging
    "Tapping into consumers' emotive sense of smell, packagers are increasingly utilizing a range of olfactory technologies to differentiate their products and stimulate brand awareness, as well as enhance the products themselves."
  • How do "scratch-'n'-sniff" cards work?
    "To get something's smell on paper, its molecules, or a lab-bred facsimile of same, must be distilled into a sort of perfume (i.e., a highly volatile liquid) that is insoluble in water."


  • Controlled Release Society (CRD)
    The Controlled Release Society (CRS) is an international organization which serves 3,000 members from more than 50 countries. Two-thirds of the CRS membership represents industry and one-third represents academia and government.


  • Arcade marketing
    "The pioneering, global leader in fragrance sampling, scent sampling, and interactive product sampling technologies. The foremost supplier of magazine sampling technologies to the Fragrance, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Household Products, and Food & Beverage industries." Technologies include ScentStrip®, ScentStrip®, Silk ScentSeal®, DiscCover®, LiquaTouch®, AromaLacquer&153;, PowdaScent&153; and MicroDot&153;.
  • Driscoll Label
    Their website doesn't show it but they can do scratch 'n sniff labels.
  • CSP Technologies
    Develops the technology.
  • Ronald T. Dodge Company
    "Started in 1979, the Ronald T. Dodge Company has become a leader in the "Innovative Art & Science of Microencapsulation and Controlled Release." Through our commitment to our customers and workforce, the DODGE Company has become a trusted business partner to the markets we serve. With a firm technological base and applications know how, our only limitation is our customers' imagination. It's this commitment to customer service, quality and teamwork that defines the mission of the DODGE Company."
  • MCC Printing & Promotions
    Scratch-n-sniff printing.
  • Orlandi, Inc.
    Scented magazine inserts and direct mail advertising, fragrance scent strips, scratch & sniff products, car air fresheners, contract packaging and overwrapping, perfume testing papers and blotters, aromatherapy and home ambiance items.

Miscellaneous Packaging

  • Bags and Bows
    Bags, sacks, bows, ribbons ... lots of ways to dress up a bare bottle. A Chiswick affiliate, you can request a catalog or simply order online.
  • American Foam Corp.
    Foam cushion cosmetic packaging, custom designed for your product.
  • Custom Paper Tubes, Inc.
    "Environmentally Friendly Packaging ... Wide Variety of Stock Colors and Textures ... PMS (Pantone) Color Matching Individualized, Confidential Design Consultation ... Short Run and Prototype Project Specialists ... Wrap Around Labels and Spiral Wound Graphics ... Embossing and Foil Stamping ... See Through Designs ... Shaker Tops and Specialty Closures ... Assembly Capacity ... Private Labeling ... Multi Process Custom Printing ... Unique Product Package Design."
  • Specialty Bottle
    They offer some interesting cans that could be used in perfume bottle packaging.
  • Ray Press Corporation
    Printing, labels, promotion, systems. Neck hangers (to decorate your bottle) and other promotional ideas.
  • Stoffel Seals
    Seals, hot-stamping, embossing, die-cutting, help creating prestige look for your bottle.
  • Papillon Ribbon & Bows, Inc.
    They offer a wide variety of trimmings for boxes and bottles. Their website is worth viewing for new ideas.