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Today ready made perfume is available from a number of sources. The listings on this page are of experienced, qualified, professional perfumers who are able to help clients develop an original fragrance.

Before contacting any of the perfumers listed here, you should be aware that a perfumer's fee to undertake an original project will generally start at about $10,000 or more. This fee will include only a small number of samples of the final product. It is then up to the client to pay for manufacturing, bottling and packaging. These costs will generally exceed by several times -- or even many times -- the fee paid to the perfumer. Fees to other professionals, such as packaging designers, may also be required.

  • Custom Essence
    "For over 30 years, we have been serving the fragrance needs of entrepreneurs, national brand product manufacturers and everyone in between. "
    53 Veronica Avenue
    Somerset, NJ 08873 USA
    Phone: 732-249-6405
    Fax: 732-249-8528
  • Christian Baude
    Private Perfumer. Fine Fragrance, Personal Care, Soap and Technico-Commercial Issues.
  • Monique Dure-Marcy
    Dependable, knowledgeable, result oriented professional specializing in personal care and fine fragrances.
    845-386-2654 (H) ... 845-239-2491 (C)
  • Angela Kohut
    Personal care, candles & home fragrances
  • Dwight Loren
    Perfumer and fragrance consultant providing creation, evaluation, marketing and technical services to fragrance suppliers and consumer product manufacturers.
    Tel: 201-251-4065
    Fax: 201-251-4315
  • Richard Cerniglia
    Home fragrances, air care, household & personal care. Comprehensive use of GC/MS for duplication

Using the "Fragrance Creator" list will require telephone calls. Among the smaller of the companies listed (those NOT in the top ten) you will find some who will work with a new client. Again, creative fees generally start around $10,000 for work on an original fragrance. Before contacting one of these companies, try to have your act together as much as possible so that you can describe exactly what it is you want and the budget you (really) have to pay for it.