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Sampling Supplies & Suppliers

If you have a great fragrance, there is no better way to make sales than sampling — distributing samples through magazines using a process called micro-encapsulation. Unfortunately, this is not a technique that can easily be used by a small company. First your fragrance must be "encapsulated" in a liquid mixture; then that liquid is run through a printing press to lay it on the paper. This complex operation and not worth the cost to set up unless you are planning to print from 50,000 to 100,000 or more pieces.

For small companies, practical ways to distribute samples include glass vials which can be mailed in a padded k-pak bag, 5/8 and 1 dram bottles, which can be handed our manually and (handmade) scented test blotters which can be bagged in glassine envelopes to preserve their scent.

Some vendors listed below offer additional sampling solutions.

Micro Encapsulation
Scent Strips, Scratch 'n Sniff, etc.


  • Capitalizing on Controlled Release
    "Encapsulation technology has existed since the 1940s when it was initially developed by the National Cash Register Corporation of Dayton, Ohio. Since then, encapsulation has found many uses in fragrances, as well as cosmetics and personal care."
  • The smell of success: olfactory packaging
    "Tapping into consumers' emotive sense of smell, packagers are increasingly utilizing a range of olfactory technologies to differentiate their products and stimulate brand awareness, as well as enhance the products themselves."
  • How do "scratch-'n'-sniff" cards work?
    "To get something's smell on paper, its molecules, or a lab-bred facsimile of same, must be distilled into a sort of perfume (i.e., a highly volatile liquid) that is insoluble in water."

Trade Association

  • Controlled Release Society (CRD)
    The Controlled Release Society (CRS) is an international organization which serves 3,000 members from more than 50 countries. Two-thirds of the CRS membership represents industry and one-third represents academia and government.

Supplies & Services

  • SensaPeel
    Perfect for the initial introduction to new fragrances, SensaPeel eliminates the need to provide a bottled sample. Fragrance samples can be sent by letter post, reaching key contacts and customers much faster and making initial sampling more cost effective and convenient.
  • SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc.
    SKS offers both clear glass vials with press on tops and small (5/8 and 1 dram) bottles with orifice reducer and screw on cap.
  • Specialty Bottle
    They offer a 1/6th dram sampler with attached dabber.
  • Orlandi, Inc.
    Scented magazine inserts and direct mail advertising, fragrance scent strips, scratch & sniff products, car air fresheners, contract packaging and overwrapping, perfume testing papers and blotters, aromatherapy and home ambiance items.
  • Arcade marketing
    "The pioneering, global leader in fragrance sampling, scent sampling, and interactive product sampling technologies. The foremost supplier of magazine sampling technologies to the Fragrance, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Household Products, and Food & Beverage industries." Technologies include ScentStrip®, ScentStrip®, Silk ScentSeal®, DiscCover®, LiquaTouch®, AromaLacquer&153;, PowdaScent&153; and MicroDot&153;.
  • James Alexander
    Ampoule packaging, innovative designs.
  • Driscoll Label
    Their website doesn't show it but they can do scratch 'n sniff labels.
  • CSP Technologies
    Develops the technology.
  • Ronald T. Dodge Company
    "Started in 1979, the Ronald T. Dodge Company has become a leader in the "Innovative Art & Science of Microencapsulation and Controlled Release." Through our commitment to our customers and workforce, the DODGE Company has become a trusted business partner to the markets we serve. With a firm technological base and applications know how, our only limitation is our customers' imagination. It's this commitment to customer service, quality and teamwork that defines the mission of the DODGE Company."
  • MCC Printing & Promotions
    Scratch-n-sniff printing.