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Special Shipping Supplies

If you are shipping perfume to retailers or offering your fragrance compound in bulk to other companies, here are some sources of specialized shipping supplies that can help you get your product safely to its destination.

  • Multicell Packaging, Inc.
    They make both chipboard and corrugated partitions (dividers) for boxes — not the boxes themselves. For best results, you give them your product (a loose or boxed bottle of perfume) and they work out the best shipping dimensions and give you their suggestion for the size and type of box you should use. Samples are available in 24 hours. Orders are shipped within 5 - 10 working days.

  • National Packaging Services, Inc.
    The provide cans, drums and pails. Their "tight head," 15 gallon, plastic drum is particularly useful for shipping fragrance compound. You can also use these for mixing and storing compound in your own workshop. (Remember, perfume is flammable! Keep away from heat and flame!) We do not advise the use of steel drums for shipping or storing perfume. Even when they are lined with a protective linking, once they have been opened, the bung hole contaminates the fragrance unless they are emptied immediately after receipt. In other words, you can't use them to store fragrance when taking out only a little at a time.