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Would you like to have your own business selling your own perfume?

This could be your best opportunity to get started — free!


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Using the best strategies to
Market Your Own Perfume!

Perfume has helped build many a fortune, and it's no wonder. You can adjust both your costs and your image to fit your market, and the brand you create is totally your own.

Then there's the markup, which can be ... legendary!

Creating a new perfume can involve great artistry—or it can be a simple commercial transaction. But regardless of its source, cost, or pedigree, you can't make money with perfume unless you can sell it.

Learning how to sell your own perfume is as important as learning how to make it, or contract to have it made for you.

If you're a master salesperson you might rely on gut instinct to sell your first perfume. If you do, it's likely you will make the same mistake made by those who have never sold anything—because, while selling perfume can appear to be amazingly simple, in almost every case success requires a "first step" that even sophisticated newbies generally ignore.

If you seriously want to sell your own perfume, it will be profitable to start at the beginning. The all important "first step" is explained in How To Market Your Own Perfume.

Then the next steps are laid out for you and the book gives you lessons in —

  • What stores to approach first
  • How to approach them
  • Moving into larger markets and what they will want from you
  • How to set your retail and wholesale pricing
  • Why HSN and QVC are important—what they can do for you and what they will want in return
  • The best way to find investors when you need them
  • How to get paid in cash before you make your perfume
  • What you need to know about selling to Macy's and Walmart
  • How to enlist help in setting up your distribution
  • How to find quick in and out deals to multiply your capital
  • How to get started with (almost) no money at all
  • How to sell thousands of dollars worth of perfume without being a salesman
  • Understanding the gray market and how it can help you
  • How and when to distribute samples
  • How to sell perfume successfully when you can't afford a fancy package
  • How to sell perfume successfully when you can't afford to advertise
  • Understanding and using local, regional, national and global markets
  • Adding private label—how to do it and how to know when the timing is right
  • Selling with celebrities—how to get them to come to you

Regardless of whether you are an artisan or an entrepreneur, seeing money come in from the sale of your own perfume can be wonderfully exciting.

To make these sales you will find important help in How To Market Your Own Perfume — a 57-page instant download in pdf format—just $24.99

It can be in your hands in minutes!

Go one step beyond!Get this book FREE!

If you are thinking of making a serious commitment to marketing your own perfume, cologne, or complete line of fragrances, you would do well to follow our monthly Club Newsletter. The Club Newsletter is focused on reporting and analyzing both standard contemporary and cutting edge fragrance marketing strategies. Often we are able to bring readers facts and "numbers" that are extremely difficult to find elsewhere. A trial 3-month subscription is just $21.95.

When you accept our special offer for a 3-month trial membership in the Perfume Makers & Marketers Club, you can download How To Market Your Own Perfume immediately, FREE!

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