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5-Day Perfumery Workshop in Manhattan, USA
May 11-15, 2015

"61 Ways To Sell Your Own Perfume!"

Regardless whether you are a home perfumer, an independent perfumery, or a small corporation marketing your own perfume, the marketing strategies and selling tips found in this 55-page book could help you double your sales — and profits!

In 2001 I published the first edition of my book "Creating Your Own Perfume With A 1700 Percent Markup!" which was a factual account of how a company which had never sold a fragrance before created and sold a men's cologne and earned back their $2,000 investment many times over.

The purpose of this book was to demonstrate to small companies such as my own — and even to individuals — that they too could "create" their own unique fragrance product that could be sold at a very substantial markup.

But the question I was asked repeatedly was, "Do these books tell me how to sell the perfume or cologne I make?" My answer was always "No," because these two books did not include any information on marketing a fragrance. These books were written for people who had an idea how they might sell perfume. They just needed some information on how to acquire it.

But clearly selling was an important issue. Unless you are just making perfume or cologne for a hobby, you want to be able to sell it and make some money from it, just as I had. But the selling methods I used were not necessarily suitable for others.

When I finally decided to write "THE BOOK" about selling your own perfume, I knew I would have to go beyond my personal experience in marketing my own fragrances and delve into ways I might have sold perfume if I hadn't have had such an obvious and profitable way to do it.

Selling with a high markup

Before becoming involved with fragrance I sold vitamin pills — lots of them — under brand names I developed. The company was small, the markups were good, money was made. Sales were made through direct mail ("junk mail"), mail order ads in magazines, and our own catalog. It was a classic, pre-internet, mail order business.

Besides running the show, my role was to develop our products and create advertising that would sell them. "Developing" a new vitamin pill meant giving it a "look" and a "personality" while keeping manufacturing costs minimal relative to the anticipated retail price. This was the same strategy I followed when first turning to perfume.

As anyone can tell you, a successful marketing company not only has its "Plan A" but it also has a string of alternate "Plan B"s. As it happened, I was able to sell my first two fragrances quite easily to our existing customers through our catalog, but I did have other plans waiting in the wings. The questions I have received since offering my first two books have prompted me to take a look at a lot more "Plan B"s. These thoughts and strategies evolved into "61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!".

Tested marketing strategies yield profitable results

What do the world's best sales organizations have in common? Without exception, they have the discipline to develop a strategic plan, set benchmarks to evaluate the plan's success, and then follow the plan from benchmark to benchmark, adjusting their plan only when carefully tracked results show an unexpected weakness on one area of an especially bright opportunity in another. Their eyes are always on the established goal.

Regardless of how small your perfume business may be, if you want to make money with it — steady, season after season money — you need a plan and a goal. "61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!" was written to help you formulate a valid master plan and practical "fall back" plans that will work in a practical way, for you in your individual circumstances.

The many approaches to selling perfume

Major fragrance marketers are "major" because they have carved out major channels of distribution. When they launch a new fragrance, they can count on it being stocked by a large number of stores, nationwide, where tester bottles will give consumers a chance to try it. They will also blitz the fashion magazines with scratch 'n sniff samples. They will spend heavily on magazine and TV advertising. They want you to be aware of their new fragrance, to discover its aroma, and hopefully like it enough so that you will buy it.

The costs of doing all this will involve millions of dollars and, if the fragrance is a success, the company may recoup its investment in about a year. This is the standard marketing cycle for a large fragrance marketer.

But the marketing methods used by major perfume marketers will not work for you. Why? Because your name is not known, you don't have access to the fragrance counters at thousands of stores, and all the money in the world will not allow you to do, overnight, what major marketers have spent years doing — building relationships and learning their trade.

If you don't believe me, let me cite the example of a company which had somehow acquired a huge amount of capital and planned to use it to go head to head with Sears. They disappeared as quickly as they arrived on the scene. It was back in the 1980's. I can't recall their name.

The fact is that for you to sell perfume successfully you need a plan that starts with your resources and capabilities. You have to understand that you cannot succeed by copying the techniques of the major perfume marketers but, instead, need an affordable plan that will quickly generate profits (not losses!) for you because you can't afford to wait a year to get your money back.

There are many ways to sell perfume. "61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!" explores a wide range of possibilities.

The starting point: your present, personal or company situation

For most individuals and new businesses, selling perfume requires personal selling. You have to get out and establish your points of contact with buyers and you have to have a strategy that will make these contacts productive. "61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!" gives you a range of ways in which you can accomplish this.

If you already have a business and are simply planning to add perfume to it, you are in the same situation I was in when I first started to sell a fragrance successfully. "61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!" gives you some useful suggestions that can help make perfume a very profitable part of your business.

"How much money does it take realistically to launch my own perfume?"

Not having money to work with is a handicap. But it can also be the "obstacle" that guarantees your success. When you are watching every dollar, you think twice before you spend your money — and you use your money to only backup a strategy that is proving successful. You think twice before making frivolous purchases.

In "61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!" I deal with the marketing possibilities that are available to you, even when you only have your perfume but no money for marketing. (You do have to have your perfume!)

Is it easy to go out and sell when you don't have any money for expenses? Of course not! Can it be done successfully? Yes! "61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!" helps shows how you, with a half-decent fragrance, can go out and make money selling it. But "61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!" also shows you how to step up to the next level of selling once you've made some money.

If you have a marketing budget already, "61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!" will help you allocate your money prudently so that, when you make a profitable connection with buyers, you'll have adequate funds available to market to them.

"What are my chances of success?"

There is no magic formula for launching a new perfume profitably or even adding a new perfume to your existing merchandise line. But it is absolute madness to think of launching yourself in the perfume business without exploring as many perfume selling strategies as you can find.

Many years ago I shared an office with a gentleman who spent hundreds of dollars each year on subscriptions to costly trade publications. I'll never forget the answer he gave me when I asked if he really needed them — "If I get one good idea from just one of these publications it will be worth more than the cost of all of them." "61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!" gives you a way to get many good ideas for selling your own perfume and I am sure that you will profit tremendously from the strategies "61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!" offers.

Download it now!

"61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!" — 63-page instant download, pdf format, $24.99

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