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Ernest Daltroff

In 1904 perfumer Ernest Daltroff founded Parfums Caron at 10 rue de la Paix, Paris. Between 1904 and 1941, Daltroff created no less than 38 fragrances for Caron, am amazing record.

Daltroff was among a handful of early 20th century perfumers breaking new ground by blending synthetic florals with natural florals. He produced accords which blended pure phenyl acetic acid and tirpineol with jasmine or rose essence. The results were strikingly modern and memorable.

Leaving Caron in the able hands of his long time designer and collaborator Félicie Wanpouille, Daltroff left occupied France in 1941 and took refuge in the United States. He died in 1947.

Perfumes Created By Ernest Daltroff

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