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Floramye perfume by L.T. Piver

Floramye Perfume By L.T. Piver

Floramye, created for L.T. Piver by perfumer Pierre Armigeant (1874-1955) with the collaboration of chemist, Professor George Darzens, was the first perfume to utilize methyl nonyl acetaldehyde, a discovery of Darzens. It would not be until the 1920's when this odorant would be widely used.

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  • Aaron F Wils, 02/05/2024. ,,thank-you for you're time.ive been looking for 3 years for bottle I dug up ,reading L.T.Piver history and.others,,OK this bottle has human,animals cartoon people,magical, fairy gothic fighting battles,,I've had wye piece with touch,,,,NOW this is great,in the bottle neck inside the glass is etched,some sort on,,into glass ,,it's a hooded female mmmouse,casting spell with glass wing on glass as angel person with bird,crow ,a fish looking man side burns mowhalk ,sun glasses he's casting a spell,,and they are in colour.i drawed it,not the inbossed label. Now on back of bottle has tiny cupid with something small next to him. 12 so numbers on front of bottle across rippled lines. I've seen down both sides of front is Glas etched or work is two men with hand operated dirt blow ,,work on my bottle is amazing. And I picked up a wolf,shaped man face,and bottle has thick bottom base with arch bridge very thick with inner bottle inside ,, ,,bottle clubs ,sites thought I'm mad but I have the bottle ,eye pieces,and a God eye,,I overlooked it for a year,,so rippled lines,cupid ,numbers ,magic,cartoons,it has to be L.T Piver,,I thought Willie pogangy degerkiss,kerkoff. For while ,but to loverly. Pictures to be mine.haha and no.ripple lines ,no arch gap and no cupid ,I haven't found it,thousands of hours. Of on 2,/3 years work have loved it,but it's time ove got better on phones ipads ,,so two collecterbulls out of thousands of objects of mine I have.,not finished results,thank-you for any help ,and anything on return from me to you. ,aaron.f wills ,Port lyttelton South NEW ZEALAND,,,Is were I dug it up. ,in ground for hand fulls of decades.

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  • Antoine, 09/15/2023. Interestingly my bottle has a slightly different presentation (similarly Alphonse Mucha inspired) and the elegantly ribbed bottle has a cork stopper with a metallic/brass inscribed with the company's name (L T Piver Paris)

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  • Antoine, 06/16/2023. It is one of Piver's best known presentations having a beautiful and rare Alphonse Mucha inspired Art Noveau graphics label.

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  • CUALLADO MANUEL, 05/06/2021. Bonjour je possède le meme neuf avec sa boite

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  • Burhan Ozgoren, 03/18/2019. I have an original bottle and original box...
    If you are interested i can send you the photo.

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